• The City of Trenton has 110 acres available for development. Grundy Electric has an additional 42 acres the joins the City’s land that is also available. Land is negotiable on a project by project basis. The City has set a precedent for giving land to companies that make a significant investment and create jobs.  

  • The 152 acres has easy access to Highway 65, Water, sewer and electric run along the south side of Grundy Electric Property. The proposed property is at the north end of the City with very little to no residential, plenty of acreage to give your project a buffer.


Revolving Loan Programs

  • Green Hills Regional Planning Commission in Trenton can make loans up to $250,000 at low interest on fixed or non fixed assets.

  • Grundy Electric in Trenton can offer low interest loans up to $300,000.

  • Grundy County Industrial development Corporation in Trenton has a history of making forgivable loans based on job creation and investments.



Trenton Municipal Utilities Incentive

  • For large power users of over 50,000 KWH average per month our municipally owned utility offers a 25% discount off electric rate the first year, 15% discount the second year and 5% the third year.



Property Tax Abatement

  • Grundy County is an Enhanced Enterprise Zone which offers the following property tax abatement. See Schedule of Property Tax Abatement on the following page.



Trenton Community Development Department

  • Trenton Community Development Department is a resource to guide you through all the state and local Incentives, regulations, laws, code requirements, work force, etc. to help your expansion project stay on the timeline and go as smoothly as possible.






Missouri Works Program

Department of Economic Development-State of Missouri

  • This new incentive program offers incentives in the form of retained withholdings and possibly refundable tax credits to eligible companies for your investment and the creation of new jobs in Missouri.


Sales/Use Tax Exemption for Manufacturers

  • Purchases of machinery, equipment, materials and chemicals used or consumed in manufacturing, processing, compounding, mining, or producing any product are exempt from state tax and local use tax.


Inventory Exemption

  • Manufacturers' inventories (raw materials, goods in process and finished goods) are exempt from property taxes.


Energy Exemption

  • The State of Missouri allows manufacturers an exemption on energy purchases. These items may be exempted from state tax and local use tax, but not local sales tax.


Job Training Grants

  • The training programs in Missouri can provide funding for training for the specific needs of your company. Training assistance can include skill assessments, pre-employment training, instructor costs, curriculum development, travel and a variety of other training-related services.

  • On-the-job training expenses are restricted to no more than 50% of a project’s training costs. Training may be provided by the company, a local educational agency or a training vendor.  The local community college would work with your company to develop a training plan customized to your needs.


Employee Recruitment and Referral

  • The Missouri Career Centers offer personalized recruitment assistance to help businesses meet their labor needs.  A network of local Business Representatives are dedicated to help companies access assistance with recruiting, screening and hiring potential employees at no cost to the business. 


Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

  • Using federal funds available to it, a local community can help reduce or offset infrastructure costs associated with a given project in a “non-entitlement” area (a city under 50,000 in population or a county under 200,000 in population).